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The Law Offices of
Christopher P. Calkin, P.A.

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Tampa, FL 33606

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Firm Overview

Insurance policy holders and their insurance companies often disagree about the legitimacy of an insurance claim made by the policy holder against their own insurance company, as well as the amount that should be paid to the policy holder to cover their loss. Insurance companies often engage in a course of improper conduct, insurance scams and even fraudulent insurance handling. This conduct costs policy holders millions of dollars every year. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Christopher P. Calkin, P.A., are insurance dispute attorneys who help clients combat their own insurance companies that refuse or fail to pay the full amount of a claim that the policy holder is rightfully and lawfully entitled to be paid by their insurance company.

We provide our clients with an honest, fair and conscientious evaluation of their cases, and the issues surrounding them, as well as a full explanation of their legal options. The attorneys of The Law Offices of Christopher P. Calkin, P.A. offer knowledge, training and experience from pursuing thousands of successful claims. We formerly defended, and are now prosecuting insurance companies for their wrongful violations against policy holders. Our previous experience defending these insurance companies, equips us with the tools that we now use to the benefit of our clients in their pursuit against these insurance companies. We also pride ourselves on providing our clients with personal and prompt attention to their legal needs, as our service and communication with our clients is our primary concern. Our law firm is located in Tampa, Florida, and we serve clients throughout Florida.

We also welcome inquiries and the opportunity to work with other attorneys and law firms to help maximize their client's recovery. We often advise other lawyers on winning significant verdicts in insurance bad faith cases. We accept case referrals from attorneys throughout Florida and the United States and pay referral fees in accordance with the rules regulating The Florida Bar.

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