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Personal Injury Matters

Personal injury suits are brought by individuals who contend that they have been harmed by the wrongful or negligent action of another party. Medical costs, pain and suffering, long term care, punitive damages, lost wages, and other costs associated with a serious injury may be compensated in a civil action arising from your accident.Wrongful Death, Motorcycle & Car Accidents

At The Law Offices of Christopher P. Calkin, P.A., our attorneys are advocates for victims of negligence of others. Our attorneys assist individuals and families whose lives have been permanently changed due to wrongful death, catastrophic injury, and automobile accidents.

When such injury or death occurs you, and your family, require professional legal services and attention. Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to serving you and your families needs, and we strive to resolve injury cases swiftly and effectively. Our attorney's goal is to insure that you and your family receive the fair compensation that you and your family deserve. At The Law Offices of Christopher P. Calkin, P.A., our lawyers assist people whose lives have been irrevocably changed due to the wrongful death of a loved one, catastrophic injury in a motor vehicle accident, or any other accident resulting from the negligence of others. We are proud of the attention and care we give our clients, as well as the personalized legal service we provide and our ability to resolve cases swiftly.

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With Florida's increasing population, congestion, road construction and traffic problems, those that travel I-275, I-75, and I-4, as well as Florida's many other roadways, know that an automobile accident can happen in an instant, no matter how careful you are. Every ten seconds a car accident takes place on U.S. roadways injuring hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Tragically every thirteen minutes a person loses their life in an auto accident. Many of these accidents could have been prevented and often occur due to driver errors, such as: inattention, talking on the phone, too many people in the car, changing the radio, reading while driving and numerous other causes.

Litigating complex and difficult cases calls for attention to detail and an experienced team working together. The more serious the injury, the more important it is to take the time to get a clear picture of what is needed to make things right. Paralysis and quadriplegia, brain damage, and other permanent disability cases call for a careful analysis of the ongoing care requirements, the potential need for hospitalization and long-term therapy, and the costs that will be incurred. We have been helping clients with insurance and personal injury matters for years. We can represent you. At The Law Offices of Christopher P. Calkin, P.A., we provide large-firm experience and skill in a small-firm environment and with the personal attention and service that our clients deserve. If you need a serious attorney with the resources and skill to back you up, contact us today.

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With Any store, facility, business or event, which is open to the public, must maintain a safe environment for the public. Often, injuries that occur in a business that is open to the public, result from the business' failure to adequately and reasonably protect the public from unreasonable risks or dangers that exist on its premises. The attorney's at The Law Offices of Christopher P. Calkin, P.A., have experience in representing individuals that have been injured as a result of a business or entities failure to properly and reasonably protect the public from an unreasonable risk or hazardous condition. Often these injuries result from a slip and fall, or other dangerous or hazardous conditions on the premises.

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